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Our South African details are:

Tel: 083 375 1110 
Fax: 086 697 1962





Ruth Annette
Precious Dreams, Reborn and Sculpting Master Artist
( HoneyBug has given Precious Dreams exclusive rights to distribute in the UK )

Brenda Neufeld
MacPherson Arts & Crafts
( HoneyBug has given MacPherson exclusive rights to distribute in Canada)

Ronda Scott
Tiny Tots Nursery, Reborn Dolls and Supplies
( HoneyBug has given Tiny Tots exclusive rights to distribute in Australia )

Carmen Sommer
Once So Real
( HoneyBug has given Once So Real exclusive rights to distribute in Germany)

Barbara Bellinzona

( HoneyBug has given Bebaby exclusive rights to distribute in Italy )

Gina Smith
Nonie's Angels Nursery

Anita Varrassi
Wispy Willow Reborns

Lynn B
Dolls so Real Inc

Robin & Rick Coffin
Stardust Nursery Reborn Dolls

Miranda Sharma and Facebook
Miraje’s Reborn Clothing Store and MORE !

Michelle Walton
Angel Wings Nursery Reborn Dolls

Jillian De Cicco
Little Ever After

Shuree Gomez
Cuddle Babies Nursery

Marienca Gago Maicas

Paula Lobato Faria
My Baby or Doll

Wenche M. Smedstad

Robyn’s Leech
Robyn's Nest Creations

Menitza Visser
Heartwarming Babies & Reborn Supplies

Kerryn Michie
Create a Little Magic

Nita De Koker Smith
Baby Giggles